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dal 10/11 al 30/03 Gaeta: Torna "Un ponte di parole"
letture: 11587
06/03 Internet: Videoconferenza: Cambiare i Lepini con i Bambini"
letture: 326
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S. Vittore e Claudiano
Compleanno di:
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sex ferdios62
nel 1853: A Venezia si tiene la prima rappresentazione de "La Traviata" di Giuseppe Verdi.
nel 1899: Viene brevettato l'acido acetilsalicilico: l'aspirina.

Home » News » Webzine » Musica e dintorni » Paolo Del Prete: One of the tr...
domenica 13 dicembre 2015
Paolo Del Prete: One of the true legends of Italo Disco music!
Da Magic Waves Radio London: la replica esclusiva!! (estratto).
letture: 3428
Looking across... Paolo Del Prete!
Looking across... Paolo Del Prete!
Musica e dintorni: Paolo Del Prete is one of the true legends of Italo Disco music and also one of the few exponents of the genre who can really claim to have experienced living it from all sides. Having produced some of the most revered Italo classics of all time such as I Believe, Music For Us,Stop, Livin' Up and A Dog In The Night, and having played on countless records in the role of session musician he was also a club DJ and radio presenter in Italy throughout Italo Disco's glory years...

Hi Paolo! Let's begin at the beginning - whereabouts in Italy do you come from and what was your early life like?

Hi James. I was born in Rome in '61. At the age of 6 I learned to play the keyboard by playing the organ at the church I used to go to as a boy scout and thanks to my "good notes" I was considered a child prodigy and jumped directly through the classes. I liked to play various sports and also got such good results there that the national media started to take an interest in what I was doing. I remember that when man landed on the moon I was invited to participate in a talk show with the most famous scientists of the time including Professor Enrico Medi (who later became a saint!) A few years later I started to play keyboards in several bands covering tracks by Yes, Genesis, Soft Machine and Led Zeppelin. During this time I learned to play the guitar, drums and bass.

What is the first music that you remember having an impact on you and when did you take up making music yourself?

Certainly the album Brain Salad Surgery by Emerson Lake and Palmer. Then there were other masterpieces in this period such as Thick As A Brickby Jethro Tull and Fragile by Yes that convinced me that sound would be my future.
Paolo Del Prete: shining!
Paolo Del Prete: shining!
How did you first become involved with the Italian disco scene?

Already when I was 15 I was playing with different rock bands. A friend of mine who was an artistic director of a radio station suggested that I make a rock show for him. So I started as an announcer and was listening to other groups such as The Commodores, The Supremes, LaBelle, The Jackson Five, The Temptations, James Brown, Hamilton Bohannon, Cerrone, Marvin Gaye and Herb Alpert...
The disco music exploded shortly afterwards with the sound of such authentic monsters as Earth, Wind & Fire, Kool & The Gang, Narada Michael Walden, Donna Summer (and then Giorgio Moroder), KC & The Sunshine Band, The Bee Gees and many, many more! It was easy to fall in love with this genre that cherished sound! And it was on the basis of all this that the music scene that would later be called Italo Disco would develop...

Can you please share some of your memories of Italy and its music at this time? What was it like to be a part of it?

Sure! As I said, around the end of the '70s the music that mattered in Italy was the expanding disco scene, thanks to the booming private radio stations and clubs that were in full "Saturday Night Fever". Thus was born the figure of 'DJ Master Of Ceremonies' who upon his arrival was worshipped, even to the limit of adoration. I myself started to make radio shows based on disco music while continuing to play keyboards or bass or drums with various rock groups, and I also took up the role of Disco DJ and it was for me the most natural thing. Some DJ-colleagues decided to create music companies specialising in Italo Disco and naturally I was asked into a few collaborations, not only because I was able to play instruments but because I had technical knowledge about how to record vocals in the recording studio and had also just begun to compose songs of various kinds. Of course the fact that I was also a DJ helped as it was not easy to find musicians in that period who understood disco music.

(to be continued...)

postato da: ladjlady  

Paolo Del Prete feat. Karlot: Musica e dintorni: Paolo Del Prete feat. Karlot: nuovo connubio artistico tra musica e spiritualitÓ. Dalla fisica quantistica alla spiritualitÓ passando per la musica e le arti visive.
letture: 1097
22 febbraio 2021 di ladjlady
Mjriam MasciandaroMusica e dintorni: Quattro chiacchiere "Distanti" con Mjriam Masciandaro... e a breve il suo ritorno al sociale e alla musica...
letture: 3489
19 maggio 2020 di Tonyr
Ellis MarsalisMusica e dintorni: Ellis Marsalis
letture: 1944
04 aprile 2020 di BlueMonk
BolideMusica e dintorni: Ad Illuminiamoci di musica, tante risate con.. Alessandro Bolide da Made in Sud!
letture: 2368
02 marzo 2020 di Tonyr
Mjriam MasciandaroMusica e dintorni: "M'Illumino" con Mjriam Masciandaro... parlando di un suo nuovo programma radiofonico!
letture: 2424
25 febbraio 2020 di Tonyr
Paolo Del Prete Logo.Musica e dintorni: Paolo Del Prete: le grandi uscite discografiche del 2020. Nuovi successi in arrivo per il noto Musicista DJ.
letture: 4608
19 gennaio 2020 di ladjlady
M.MMusica e dintorni: Tra musica e sociale...Gli appuntamenti dei programmi di Mjriam Masciandaro
letture: 2091
28 ottobre 2019 di fabcol
Mjriam MasciandaroMusica e dintorni: Gli appuntamenti estivi sulle emittenti, con Mjriam Masciandaro! Illuminiamoci D'Estate con Stranissima...!
letture: 3092
03 agosto 2019 di fabcol
Don Davide Banzato con NekMusica e dintorni: AD ILLUMINIAMOCI DI MUSICA condotto da Mjriam Masciandaro... Don Davide Banzato, del programma "I viaggi del cuore"
letture: 2002
13 luglio 2019 di fabcol
Loredana BertŔMusica e dintorni: Sanremo, la BertŔ rompe silenzio: "Contro di me un'ingiustizia" La BertŔ rompe il silenzio dopo la delusione del Festival di Sanremo: "Non mi aspettavo che non mi facessero salire sul podio. volevo vincere per Mimý"
letture: 3067
18 febbraio 2019 di Emiliano Ziroli

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Paolo Del Prete feat. Karlot: nuovo connubio artistico tra musica e spiritualitÓ.
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26 ottobre 2016
foto: Serena Lanzoni (C) Seregrafando.
Ottobre 2016: uscite internazionali per Paolo Del Prete, Devid Morrison, Roberto Albini & Guest.
letture: 2307
30 settembre 2016

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